Release Notes

These are the Release Notes for
MAX Firmware

v1.3.4 – Release 26.09.2022

  • Improvement of stability
  • Capability of 0 priming cycles in run-protocol (to accommodate for the extended priming before the integrity check)
These are the Release Notes for

V1.9.0 - RELEASE: 21.12.2022

• Return URL applied: after site-reload and re-login, user returns to the last visited site

• ImageXplorers have a history of QC measurements in the Manage IX page, listing QC tests with Lyphochek or QualityXplorer

• Adding GUI features for the QualityXplorer

• Changing the device control texts to “Capture Image with IX” & “MAX device controls”

• Other GUI improvements

• Bugfixes

previous releases
V1.9.0 - V1.1.0.43