Release Notes

These are the Release Notes for
MAX Firmware

v1.3.4 – Release 26.09.2022

  • Improvement of stability
  • Capability of 0 priming cycles in run-protocol (to accommodate for the extended priming before the integrity check)
These are the Release Notes for

v1.11.0 - Release: 11.04.2023

• Renaming of our “PEX-system” to “PAX (Pet Allergy Xplorer)”

• Implementation of two new PAX-products for allergy testing of cats and horses

• Basic implementation for our upcoming new ALEX products

• Flexible MAX camera ROI adjustment via the RAPTOR SERVER GUI

• Improved MAX camera settings check

• API - Change of the DELETE Measurement-data-completion URL

• New link to the QC module of an instrument on the RAPTOR SERVER dashboard

• Consistent headlines on the CSV export files

• Improved search functionality of the Agents for essential setting files on the PC

• Bugfixes

• Minor adjustments in the RAPTOR SERVER GUI (graphical user interface)

previous releases
V1.10.0 - V1.1.0