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295 Allergens & 286 Antigens
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ALEX (Allergy Xplorer) was the first ELISA based in vitro multiplex allergy test allowing simultaneous measurements of total IgE (tlgE) and specific IgE (slgE) against a wide range of allergen extracts and molecular allergens.

Continuing this tradition is its successor product ALEX².

Available Kits:
20 Arrays 50 Arrays

FOX (Food Xplorer) is an ELISA based multiplex food antigen test allowing the simultaneous measurement specific IgG (slgG) against a wide range of food extracts and molecular food antigens.

Available Kits:
50 Arrays
Output from 300 to 45,000 results
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Processing systems

The MADx processing systems were built considering the user's needs. Depending on a client's requirements, we offer manual or automated systems for little to a lot of lab space, for low to high through-put.

Analyse & interpret
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RAPTOR Server Analysis Software is the cloud-based analysis hub for all MADx systems and tests and offers 24/7 access to test results. The intuitive user interface makes it easy to train new users in operating the software.

The RAVEN Interpretation Software assists with result interpretation for ALEX² and FOX. Itprovides individual therapy options and dietary recommendations and has been developed with clinical allergologists.