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Our aim
Supporting labs with our all-in-one solutions for testing, evaluation, analysis and interpretation.


Process up to 48 samples manually in one run or up to 10 and 50 samples automatically


Easy and quick connection to your LIS through our RAPTOR Server Analysis Software


Share access to our interactive educational platform - THE MADx ACADEMY. It is made by physicians for physicians

Our systems & software convince through:

  • Intuitive user interface for efficient work-flow
  • Integrated result interpretation software (incl. training)
  • In-built support function for a quick resolution of analysis issues
  • Simple connectivity to LIS
  • Cloud-based system with automated software updates
For higher specificity
Molecular allergens

Molecular diagnostics allows for a reliable profiling of a patient’s sensitisation status. ALEX² test panel includes 178 molecular allergens (60+ unique) and a powerful CCD-inhibitor for more accuracy, full resolution of cross-reactivities, and a reduced risk of false-positive results.

What our partners think

Jeff Mulovhedzi  |  KEYSERVE

First impressions

I think the MADx systems are characterised through easy handling. I was introduced to the processing systems this week, during training it has proven that they are easy to handle, easy to operate, and I feel confident about handling them even after a short training period.
Jeff Mulovhedzi  |  KEYSERVE

System benefits

I believe a big benefit is the small size of the systems, considering their performance. Even the big system, the MAX 45k, takes up a lot less space than other comparable systems in the market. I also really like the automation and the limited hands-on-time, which is between 10 to 20 minutes depending on the system. The user interface of the corresponding software is also very user-friendly and intuitive.
Jeff Mulovhedzi  |  KEYSERVE

System efficiency

Amazing. MADx has clearly considered the needs of the customers by providing different systems for varied throughput. For labs, there's two automated systems, one that processes up to 10 samples in one run which I think is good for medium throughput, the big system that processes up to 50 samples in one run which is suitable for high throughput labs.
Research at its best
Driven by science

We are part of an extensive academic collaboration network and are in constant conversation with the scientific communities from the Americas, Asia, Australia, and Europe. This mutually beneficial exchange ensures our ability to translate the newest findings in research directly into our products. Our science-oriented philosophy gives us the edge over our competitors in the allergy and food intolerance testing market. We continuously work on developing new applications for our patented nano-bead technology to ensure that we stay ahead of the curve in terms of innovation and quality of our products.

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Test, analyse, & interpret
Products for labs

Our MADx hardware systems for processing come in three different sizes - one manual and two automated systems, for little to a lot of lab space. Process up to 50 test arrays at the same time, and generate comprehensive results and interpretation with the MADx software solutions.

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