Frequently Asked Questions

Reasons for discrepant results between ALEX² and other in-vitro test systems and/or skin prick test (SPT)
  • As ALEX² is the only IgE testing system which blocks CCD specific antibodies, results from other in-vitro test systems could display falsely elevated results

  • Were the tests performed from the same blood drawing or from different time points?

  • Please check for sample mix-up (one of the most common reasons for discrepant results!)

  • SPT measures the reactivity of cutaneous mast cells, in-vitro systems measure free IgE

  • Comparison of extracts and molecular allergen test results is not recommended. Allergen extracts can lack allergens or can be contamined with non-related allergens (e.g. mite allergens in dog epithelia).

  • Differences can result from different isoforms of the molecular components. Molecular components can be produced naturally or recombinantly.

I have less than the recommended sample volume, can I still perform an ALEX² test with the manual processing system (ImageXplorer)?

Yes, but at your own risk. The minimum sample volume for a manual assay is 100 µl. As a consequence false negative results could be possible.

Can I use the 50 array ALEX² kit ( 02-5001-01) for the manual processing system (ImageXplorer)?

No! The ALEX² kit (Article Number: 02-5001-01) is intended for the automated processing only.

What can be the reasons for QC failed?
  • Background too high or too low

  • Guide dots not aligned with grid

  • Guide dot results too low

Corrective actions:

  • Make sure washing steps are followed precisely

  • Make sure substrate incubation time was not too long or too short

  • Run test array again and re-analyse respective ALEX² array

  • Temperature during assay procedure was too low or too high (Optimum temperature: 20-26°C)

How long can I store processed arrays for re-analysis?

The arrays can be stored in the dark and dry for 4 weeks. After that, the signals become weaker and the background becomes higher.

What is the shelf life of ALEX²?

ALEX² has a shelf life of 2 years . We make every effort to only send kits that have a shelf life of at least 18 months. The reagents and the test are stable for 6 months after opening.

What is the shelf life of FOX?

FOX has a shelf life of 2 years . We make every effort to only send kits that have a shelf life of at least 15 months. The reagents and the test are stable for 1 year after opening.

How do I prevent air in the washing solution tube and insufficient washing in the MAX?

Make sure all the tube connections are tight. After manipulation of the washing solution container or tubing, it is normal that air is present in the system. In that case always use the extended priming option, also if you just freshly refilled your washing solution.

Can I process FOX and ALEX2 tests together in one run?

No. Either ALEX2 or FOX arrays can be measured in one run. A combination of ALEX2 and FOX cartridges or reagents is prohibited.

I finished a run but I do not see the results on the New Measurements page on RAPTOR SERVER. How can I retrieve the results?

If you lost connectivity at the end of your run, your results might not have been uploaded to RAPTOR SERVER. If you re-establish your connection, and initialize the MAX 45k again, you will see the message „Missing results detected“ in the status bar of your Automate. If you click on it, you will get to the run logs where you can synchronize the results of the particular run.

What happens if my Agent disconnects during a run, or I have internet problems during a run?

Once a run has been started, the connectivity of the Agent Software does not affect the control of the MAX 45k. Your run will finish independently from the connection availability. However, your results might not be uploaded to Raptor Server.

In our allergy lab, we often have only very small amounts of serum from pediatric samples. Can we still use these samples in the MAX 45k?

The MAX 45k is available to be used with low-volume tubes, where the minimum required sample volume is only 200 µl. You can reduce the minimum sample volume even further if you manually predilute the samples before you put the tubes into the instrument. Please consult the technical specifications in the Instructions for Use for the applicable tube types and required volumes. Before using any special tube, contact

Do I always have to run 50 samples in one assay run on the MAX 45k?

No, you can freely choose the amount of samples you want to include in an assay run. However, please note that the maximum number of assay runs per kit (50 tests) is 5.

Do I need to be present during an assay run of the MAX45k? What if the washing solution or the water container gets empty during the run?

No, the MAX 45k is a true “walk away” analyzer: The necessary amount of reagents, washing solution and rinse water is calculated during the preparation phase of your assay run. After the test run has been started, no further interference or monitoring by the user is necessary.

What prerequisites do I need to have a MAX 45k installed in my laboratory?

The MAX 45k requires a space of at least 160cm width, 120cm height, and 80cm depth.

For the operation of the MAX 45k, a steady LAN connection to a PC with internet access is necessary. Therefore, your laboratory needs a PC with two separate network adapters: one for a stable Internet connection (LAN or WIFI), and one which connects the PC with the MAX 45k instrument via a LAN cable. The PC needs to have admin rights, and the website must be allowed to be accessed from your lab network. Please note that the MAX 45k is only to be installed by MADx or its distributor.

Is the MAX 45k device a certified CE medical device?

The MAX 45k is an In-Vitro Diagnosic device, and certified according to IVDD (98/79/EG).

How do I perform maintenance of the MAX 45k device?

A monthly maintenance routine is necessary to ensure proper long-time operation of the device. Monthly maintenance shall be performed by the lab user following the instructions on Raptor Server. Consult the Instruction for Use for more details about maintenance.

Can I use barcoded sample tubes in the MAX 45k?

Yes, the MAX 45k is equipped with a sample barcode reader, which supports barcode types code128, code39, ean8, codabar, code25. Please consult the Instruction for Use for more information.

My sample barcodes could not be read. What could be the problem?

Please ensure, that your barcodes are printed in the right quality, and they face outwards of the rotor. Please consult the Instruction for Use for the applicable types and dimensions of sample barcodes.

What precautions do I need to take when moving an ImageXplorer to another location?

Please take out the carriage before moving the ImageXplorer to another location to avoid carriage sliding into the chassis. After the movement, please perform a testarray run to be sure that the ImageXplorer settings are correctly adjusted.

How do I maintain the ImageXplorer?

The ImageXplorer is a sensitive imaging device and should be handled carefully. For accurate results, it is essential that the instrument be maintained dust-free state as much as possible. To this end, the external ImageXplorer housing must be regularly cleaned with a lint-free cloth. Do not use any detergents for cleaning. The carriage which holds the cartridges can be separately cleaned if necessary, using mild detergents or alcoholic solutions. Please do not open the chassis.

The test array run does not finish, what do I do?
  • If the error code shows disconnected, then check the quality of internet connection

  • Check USB connection PC/Laptop and try to connect the ImageXplorer using different USB ports

  • If the problem persists, contact

Where is the server located?

The server is located in Amsterdam.

Is the RAPTOR SERVER GDPR compliant?

Yes, the RAPTOR SERVER is GDPR conform. For detailed information, please contact

I forgot my log-in details. What should I do?

Please write an e-mail to with the name of your tenant.

I have locked myself out of the RAPTOR SERVER account. How do I get back in?

Please contact

ImageXplorer agent is not connected. What should I do?
  • Check your Image-Xplorer key in the RAPTOR SERVER account

  • Check your internet connection

  • Check USB connection to PC/Laptop and maybe try to use a different USB port

  • Restart RAPTOR agent

  • Restart PC/Laptop

  • Use an USB Power HUB with power connection to provide extra power to ImageXplorer

Can I use RAPTOR SERVER without internet connection?
  • Yes, but cost is higher, and functionality limited (e.g. no RAVEN comments available, limited support, no automatic updates).

  • For tailor made solutions please contact

How do I activate the RAVEN interpretation guidance software?

Contact and you will receive a license key free of charge.

How do I generate customised Multiplex on Demand (MOD) allergen panels?

In your Tenant Admin Area you can create customized MOD panels by selecting "manage MOD" --> "create new panel". You will find detailed information in our RAPTOR SERVER IFU.

Unfortunately, my kit delivery is taking longer. Are the reagents and arrays stable even with longer delivery times?

Sure! The reagents and arrays can tolerate longer delivery times.

Any open questions - write us!