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Since the foundation of MADx in 2016, we produce reliable allergy and food intolerance tests for diagnostic clinics, laboratories, doctors' practices and hospitals.

our beginnings
How it all started

In the beginning there was a vision to improve and modernise immunodiagnostics. Scientists - like our founders, Dr. Christian Harwanegg and Dr. Christian Sascha Dennstedt - always strive for disruptive innovation. So after more than a decade with leading companies in the field Dr. Christian Harwanegg decided to start his own enterprise in 2016. The goal was clear: The newly founded company MADx (Macro Array Diagnostics) should create an allergy test that is supposed to be better, more efficient and easier to use than the ones of the competition. In addition, we wanted to offer the entire value chain from test material to evaluation and interpretation of results, all under one roof.

worth the effort
A mammoth project ?

Without question, but worth the effort: for sure. Over the past years, we have launched two generations of the ALEX (Allergy Xplorer), which now tests for around 300 different allergens - in a single, non-invasive step. Our panel covers nearly 100% of the world's relevant allergens. We have developed proprietary hardware and software solutions that define new standards. We are constantly innovating and expanding our portfolio, as most recently with the FOX (Food Xplorer), a solution for the detection of IgG-mediated food intolerances.

What drives us
Raising the bar

As scientists, we offer future-oriented, intuitive immunodiagnostic all-in-one solutions on a molecular basis, thus establishing a new gold standard in the interest of all stakeholders.


By digitising and cross-linking our immunodiagnostic products and services, we improve people's quality of life, enable individualised patient care, advance science and relieve the burden on the healthcare system.

Our strategy

Digital cross-linking

The MADx processing systems are connected to our cloud-based software solution in real time. Data can be analysed and managed 24/7.

One fits all

One blood sample is enough to cover 300 different allergens and deliver one comprehensive result, making it a quick and reliable solution for both doctors and patients.

Molecular specificity

MADx offers the widest panel of molecular allergens (178) on one array. This is unique to our allergy test and increases the specificity compared to the exclusive use of allergen extracs.

What our partners think

Quality promise
ISO certified

The quality of MADx products and services defines the relationship with our customers. Of course, we also see the high-quality training of our employees and their continuous further training in their specialist field as the basis of our success and customer loyalty.

Compliance with all official and legal requirements also plays a key role, which we ensure through effective, company-wide quality management.

MADx works on the basis of the internationally recognised and certified quality management systems EN ISO 13485 and EN ISO 9001 with defined standards, tested raw materials, components and services.

Safe & reliable
Quality Policy

We develop, manufacture, and distribute products for immunological diseases. We thrive for leadership in innovation and market share in our industry. Our customers rely on our products, service and supply, and our goal is to not just meet their expectations, but to exceed them.

We are committed to continuously improve our quality system. Our quality policy provides the framework for setting companywide quality objectives, as well as their systematic evaluation. Thereby we ensure operational excellence, process and product improvement as well as global regulatory compliance.

We enable our team to grow with us by providing constant education, equal opportunities, best in class work environment, and fair leadership.

Official award
Born Global Champions

Every year, particularly innovative and international companies are awarded the title "Born Global Champions" by the WKO and AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT AUSTRIA. This honour was also bestowed on MADx in 2021.

Companies that are considered "Born Global Champions" are characterised by novel product ideas and a strong focus on international markets. Thus, they make an important contribution to the Austrian export economy at a very early stage of their existence.

With a unique and revolutionary product range and a steadily growing field of activity in over 70 countries worldwide, our company is the perfect candidate for the title of "Born Global Champion" - and will remain so in the future.


Meet our team of experienced specialists from the fields of research, development, production, marketing, product management, and sales.


Learn more about how we use molecular allergy diagnostics to deliver a near complete picture of a patient's sensitisation status.

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