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The MADx Academy is an educational platform made by experts for physicians. Our science-oriented philosophy gives us the edge in the allergy and food intolerance testing market. Join a community of forward-thinking physicians who prioritise continuous learning. Your journey to enhanced expertise in molecular allergy diagnostics begins here.

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MADx Academy content
Marker allergens

Specific knowledge of marker allergens allow you to distinct between a genuine sensitisation and cross-reactivity. We provide you with a comprehensive overview of those marker allergens.

Allergen sources

Learn more about different allergen sources, the producers of the allergens. An allergen source can produce multiple allergenic proteins that can elicit varying IgE antibody responses in a sensitised individual.


Let us introduce you into the world of molecular diagnotics and its benefits in your daily work. Learn how you can rely on certified top notch science to raise the bar for your clinical work.

Clinical cases

Our real edge cases include anamnesis, diagnostic workup, treatment and catamnesis. Benefit from relevant clinical treatment recommendations and advantages to your daily work with your patients and their respective sensitisation profiles.