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Our goal
We are dedicated to continuously drive evolution in immunodiagnostics, with a special focus on type I allergies.
Experts in multiplex testing

We subscribe to the philosophy of multiplex testing: with only one blood sample, multiplex tests can simultaneously detect IgE to multiple allergen extracts/molecular allergens in a single assay run. Multiplex tests provide the most complete picture of a patient's sensitisation profile possible, whereas a singleplex test may leave gaps and empty spaces that render the picture incomplete.

Benefits of multiplex testing

  • Comprehensive picture of patient's sensitisation profile available
  • Molecular allergens enable determination of specific IgE to multitude of allergens
  • Nearly 300 allergens can be tested simultaneously
  • Low amount of serum needed to perform the test (100 µl)
  • No pre-selection of allergens by physician required
Make it molecular

The ALEX² allergen panel is comprised of 117 allergen extracts and 178 molecular allergens - which makes it the largest panel of molecular allergens on the market to date. MADx uses allergen extracts where molecular allergens are not yet well-characterised or redundant due to a high degree of cross-reactivity. Molecular allergens are used where allergen extracts are described as unstable. The combination of both ensures the accurate profiling of a patient's sensitisation status.

Benefits of using molecular allergens

  • Complete resolution of cross-reactivities
  • More precise risk assessment (e.g. risk of anaphylaxis)
  • Accurate indication for immunotherapy
  • Differentiated dietary recommendations
Research at its best
Driven by science

An extensive academic collaboration network ensures the translation of the newest findings in basic research into our products. This mutually benefical exchange with the scientific communities from the Americas, Asia, Australia, and Europe resulted in a plethora of molecular allergens unique to the ALEX² platform and the inclusion of a cross-reactive carbohydrate inhibitor in the standard ALEX² test kits. Both features allow for a thorough and highly specific IgE profiling for a diverse range of allergic patients. This leads to a quicker route to fitting therapeutic options.

Research fellows

Work with us! If you are interested in a scientific collaboration with MADx, please get in touch.


Making our research visible: We are taking over scientific resonsibility and are constantly working on new publications.

CCD-free allergy diagnostics

Learn more about reducing clinically irrelevant results through CCD-blocking with ALEX².