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Choose between manual or automated systems made for little to a lot of lab space, and low to high through-put.

Easy Handling

The MADx systems are characterised through their easy handling and can be operated easily after a short training period.

Digital Cross-linking

The MADx processing systems are connected to our cloud-based software solution in real time, and data can be analysed and managed 24/7.
Output from 300 to 45,000
Our systems for maximum productivity
Processing systems

The MADx processing systems come in three sizes and can handle everything from low to high through-put. The manual system offers a very low footprint and is ideal for smaller labs, while the automatic systems convince through little hands-on time for maximal results.

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Analysis & interpretation
Our software 100% connected

RAPTOR Server Analysis Software is the cloud-based analysis hub for all MADx systems and tests. Due to its lean structure, new users are easily trained in operating the software.

The RAVEN Interpretation Software for ALEX² and FOX covers all allergen extracts and molecular allergens available on ALEX², as well as all food antigens covered on FOX. All MADx software and hardware solutions are digitally linked in real-time.

295 Allergens & 286 Antigens
Our test kits with widest range

ALEX² (Allergy Xplorer) is based on our proprietary nano-bead technology and measures total IgE (tIgE) and specific IgE (sIgE) against 295 allergen extracts and molecular allergens. The risk of false-positive results is minimized due to a powerful CCD inhibitor.

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FOX (Food Xplorer) is based on our proprietary nano-bead technology and measures specific IgG (sIgG) against 286 food extracts from 13 different food groups. Every test feature can be individually optimised for production.

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