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Choose between manual or automated systems made for little to a lot of lab space, and low to high through-put.

Easy Handling

The MADx systems are characterised through their easy handling and can be operated easily after a short training period.

Digital Cross-linking

The MADx processing systems are connected to our cloud-based software solution in real time, and data can be analysed and managed 24/7.
Output from 300 to 45,000
Our systems for maximum productivity

Processing systems

The MADx processing systems were built considering the user's needs. Depending on a client's requirements, we offer manual or automated systems for little to a lot of lab space, for low to high through-put.

Analysis & interpretation
Our software 100% connected

RAPTOR Server Analysis Software is the cloud-based analysis hub for all MADx systems and tests and offers 24/7 access to test results. The intuitive user interface makes it easy to train new users in operating the software.

The RAVEN Interpretation Software assists with result interpretation for ALEX² and FOX. Itprovides individual therapy options and dietary recommendations and has been developed with clinical allergologists.

295 Allergens & 286 Antigens
Our test kits with widest range

ALEX (Allergy Xplorer) was the first ELISA based in vitro multiplex allergy test allowing simultaneous measurements of total IgE (tlgE) and specific IgE (slgE) against a wide range of allergen extracts and molecular allergens.

Continuing this tradition is its successor product ALEX².

Available Kits:
20 Arrays 50 Arrays

FOX (Food Xplorer) is an ELISA based multiplex food antigen test allowing the simultaneous measurement specific IgG (slgG) against a wide range of food extracts and molecular food antigens.

Available Kits:
50 Arrays