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Raptor & Raven

analysis & interpretation guidance software


RAPTOR SERVER is the cloud-based analysis hub for all MADx systems and tests. Due to its lean structure, new users are easily trained in operating the software.

The RAPTOR SERVER agent software is the only part which is installed locally. Its function is to connect MAX 45k or Image-Xplorer to your lab PC and your RAPTOR SERVER account.

Key Features


The RAVEN interpretation guidance software for ALEX2 results immensely reduces time for allergen database searches. It was created with the help of clinical allergologists and researchers.

RAVEN covers all allergen extracts and molecular allergens available on ALEX2.

The use of RAVEN interpretation guidance is optional and fully GDPR compliant.

Key Features

Covers the most prevalent allergen sources and their respective molecular allergens
Developed together with clinical allergologists & researchers
Comments per allergen source include a short description of symptoms, specific information on molecular allergens and therapeutic suggestions (optional)
Information on cross-reactive allergen families is also included
RAVEN is designed to save time by avoiding the need for extensive allergen database searches
Integrated with RAPTOR SERVER and RAPTOR DESKTOP versions
GDPR compliant