Processing systems

for high & low throughput laboratories

Multi Array Xplorer 45k is a fully automated system for high-throughput laboratories.

The ImageXplorer system is for the manual processing of MADx tests.

Its low footprint is ideal for smaller laboratories and doctor's offices.

Both systems are operated with RAPTOR SERVER.

MAX 45k

To better serve high-throughput laboratories we offer Multi Array Xplorer 45k (MAX45k). This fully automated batch analyser is capable to process up to 50 samples in one run. MAX 45k is also a benchtop device which operates in collaboration with MADx’s RAPTOR SERVER analysis software. In one day, 150 samples can be processed (incl. overnight run)


For laboratories with a lower through-put and little lab space, ImageXplorer is a suitable choice. This cost-effective system has a very low footprint (approx. 0.5 m², without PC/Laptop). The maximum number of samples per run is 96 MADx tests per working day. ImageXplorer comes along with a lab rocker, 2 array holders and an incubation chamber.

Key Features
Manual processing
Up to 48 samples per run
2 runs per day – production of 28.000 results
Total assay time: 4.5 hours
Hands on time: 1 hour (incl. visual result control)
ImageXplorer is a benchtop device
Net-weight: 18.5 kg
Dimensions: < 0.5 m²
Power supply: through PC USB port
Sample volume: 100µl

Article Number

Image-Xplorer 11-0000-01 Incubation chamber 15-0000-00

Lab rocker 13-0000-00 Array Holder 14-0000-00