MADx expands business into North American market

Karin Kernmayer-Farr
02.01.2022 | 5 min de lectura

As of today MADx partners with ALPCO to offer its services and products to customers in North America.

MADx and ALPCO a leading US producer of novel immunoassay testing platforms, recently announced an exclusive distribution partnership.

Together they offer a comprehensive line of testing solutions for allergies (IgE-based) and food intolerances (IgG-based), from test material to proprietary hardware and software to process and analyze samples.

MADx’s comprehensive allergy test incorporates 99% of globally relevant allergens and covers allergy sources such as pollen, pet allergens, dust mites, insect venom, foods, and more; while the food intolerance test offers a complete repertoire of relevant food antigens, including superfoods such as aloe, chlorella, guarana, and more. MADx's revolutionary immunodiagnostic approach leads to reliable and accurate results.

“We are proud to work with ALPCO and see great potential in this partnership,” says MADx CEO Christian Harwanegg, PhD. “As MADx expands its global reach into the US market, we are convinced that our expertise and products will lead to a great improvement of the status quo of molecular allergy testing in the US.”

“This partnership now provides the North American market access to MacroArray Diagnostics' proprietary cutting-edge technology, while enabling ALPCO to retain our leadership position within the US based specialty testing markets,” says ALPCO’s CEO, Sean Conley. “The FOX food allergy IgG test panel will provide immediate value to labs differentiating root causes of food intolerance from other common GI disorders.”

About MADx

MacroArray Diagnostics GmbH, a Vienna-based company, was founded in 2016 to improve and revolutionize allergy diagnostics. Since its inception, MADx has evolved into a global organization operating in over 60 countries. MADx excels by offering the entire value chain from test to material to evaluation using its proprietary nano-bead technology to uncover total and specific IgE-mediated allergies as well as specific IgG-mediated food intolerances. In addition to hardware, MADx provides the cloud-based software RAPTOR for processing and managing test results, as well as the guidance software RAVEN to help laboratorians interpret results and reduce time spent on allergen database searches. MADx aims to improve the predictability of immunological diseases through the digitized cross-linking of their immunodiagnostic products and service.


American Laboratory Products Company (ALPCO) was founded in 1991 as an importer and distributor of immunoassay-based products for the North American life science markets. The company has since evolved into a leading producer of novel immunoassay kits for specialty testing laboratories. Future growth will be fueled by the transition from manual plate-based assays to proprietary automated platforms offering customers additional workflow advantages over currently commercially available products in the market.