These are the Release Notes for RAPTOR-SERVER

v1.3.0.104 - Release: 15.02.2022

Raptor Server

  • User Import via Excel updated
  • RAVEN Interpretation now has the same language as the report
  • Bug fixes Automate
  • Recapture feature added
  • Barcode Inventory with dynamic exposure added
  • Adapted RunID calculation
  • Adapted Calibration routine
  • Wash Solution Line Monitoring
  • Added Tag for Failed Integrity Check

v1.2.7.90 - Release: 01.12.2021

  • More user-friendly login process
  • Improvement of the ImageXplorer connection stability
  • The QC details on the analysis page of a measurement can always be displayed
  • Improvement of the adaptation to different spot sizes
  • Bug-fixes in the report
  • Possible to delete RAVEN interpretation
  • RAVEN interpretation is possible to be triggered on the User (Doctor) Portal separately

v1.2.6.108 - Release: 01.10.2021

RAPTOR SERVER Improvements

  • Better spot finding
  • Spot is highlighted when selected
  • API key gets an expiry date
  • Extending the shelf life of test arrays
  • Values above 50 kUA/l are also displayed as greater than 50 kUA/l
  • New Report Settings available
  • Unrecognised images are saved
  • Selection of multiple spots possible

v1.2.5.100 - Release: 15.07.2021

RAPTOR SERVER Improvements

  • Detect test array and start test array procedure
  • Improvement of measurement data completion
  • Add serial number to ImageXplorer and Automate and check when connecting agents
  • Possibility to mark selection of a spot in the array by color
  • Pagination of measurement results (Approved / New)

API Improvements

  • Extension of the API Key with expiry date (UTC Time)
  • RUO and GDs can be removed

MAX & Agent improvements

  • Recover from disconnect while initializing for Maintenance
  • Downloading the firmware update is possible via api.raptor-server.com

v1.2.4.110 - Release: 14.05.2021

RAPTOR SERVER Improvements

  • New Export Download Link
  • Change in image calculation
  • 2FA available for username/password
  • Support Autenticator App
  • Information about new software update available
  • Automat-Firmware Update with required Flag
  • New FOX report layout
  • Bug Fixes

v1.2.3.64 - Release: 15.03.2021

RAPTOR SERVER Improvements

  • Improvement in recovery when disconnecting in RAPTOR Agent
  • Batch release for distributor
  • RAVEN query possible on the user portal
  • Improvements in the FOX Report
  • Portable Agent available
  • Password change available in user portal
  • Editing of several spots at the same time possible
  • Possibility to integrate RAVEN queries automatically in the report
  • Abort option for monthly maintenance on MAX45k
  • Conversion to Bardecode Library
  • Bug fixes

v1.2.2.38 - Release: 26.01.2021

RAPTOR SERVER Improvements

  • QC Adjustment ALEX2
  • Adjustment of Threshold for Orange Spots
  • Report template language setting
  • FOX improvements
  • New domain (raptor-server.com)
  • Albanian report
  • Installation of UniSans font with agent setup
  • Optimization of agent updates
  • Bug fixes

v1.2.1.47 - Release: 04.12.2020

RAPTOR SERVER Improvements

  • Report template: order of language setting
  • ToS in German and Spanish added
  • Analysis improvement
  • FOX analysis, FOX report, FOX overview page, FOX test adaptation, FOX MOD, FOX physician portal
  • Testarray - Image display
  • Dummy Run for technical service
  • Adding Raptor Server Logo
  • Bug Fixes

v1.2.0.142 - Release: 05.11.2020

RAPTOR SERVER Improvements

  • Multiplex on Demand available
  • Update auf .NET 3.1
  • QC Graphs for MADxMAX runs
  • Improvements for ALEX2 report download
  • New languages available: Georgian, Indian, Albanian
  • Error log during testarray run
  • RAVEN Batch request
  • Availability of batch report sharing
  • Batch delete of approved measurement
  • Bug fixes

v1.1.3.8 - Release: 17.07.2020

RAPTOR SERVER Improvements

  • MinRunId pro Tenant konfigurierbar
  • Logo-Upload Dateigröße limitieren auf 1MB
  • Neues Default-Befundtemplate für ALEX2
  • API Erweiterung + API: Abruf der Messungen filtern
  • Threshold für "Orange Spots" anpassen
  • Minor bug fixes RAPTOR Importer

v1.1.2.38 - Release: 22.06.2020

RAPTOR SERVER Improvements

  • Raptor Importer available
  • Batch Export possible
  • New report sorting feature: positive allergens and then all allergens
  • New warning if sIgE or tIgE is not within predefined range


  • Sample ID from automate not editable after run has finished
  • Re-upload available
  • Automate deletion is possible
  • Monthly maintenance adjustment
  • Synchronisation of results

v1.1.1.54 - Release: 20.05.2020

  • BugFix correction in the user interface (#2066, #2074)
  • Improvement of the resolution of the logo

v1.1.1.41 - Release: 24.04.2020

RAPTOR SERVER Improvements:

  • More compact presentation of the first page of the report
  • Approved measurements can also be deleted
  • Login Loop for invalid AD access data
  • Save Run-ID during measurement, and display it for detail and array views
  • Allergen details are now also displayed under image editing
  • QC Fail-Log File display is possible


  • Raptor Server Version as Header


  • Dilution-Reagent optional if samples are already pre-diluted
  • Upload Button available
  • Suggest agent updates only if an update is really necessary
  • Calibration Reminder after 6 weeks
  • Textual note for duration of maintenance

v1.1.0.52 - Release: 04.03.2020


  • Avoid special characters in filename

Automat Agent:

  • Ensure single connection

v1.1.0.50 - Release: 25.02.2020

Report Improvements:

  • Show / Hide Total-IgE in Interpretation, depending on the corresponding Report-Template Setting (only available for Interpretations generated by Raven).
  • Skip empty date fields in the Report when no data is present.
  • Add portugues report language.
  • Fixed report naming which caused download problems.
  • User Portal now avoids static content caching on CDN. Now instead, Reports are generated each time when requested.

ImageXplorer Agent:

  • User will now see messages when starting a measurement with an ImageXplorer which is not connected (via USB).


  • Use correct Sampletube-Types for Volume Inventory.

v1.1.0.43 - First Release: 18.02.2020