SEAIC 2021 in Spain

We participated in Zaragoza at the 33rd National Congress of the Spanish Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology. We are very proud that ALEX tests are already successfully used in Spain. Results were presented on 2 posters.

Congratulations to the authors for their nice poster and successful work!!!

As the posters are in Spanish, here a short description:

Measurement of molecular sensitisation to lipid transfer proteins using Allergy Explorer (ALEX)

In a cohort of 31 patients with symptoms (41% oral allergy syndrome, 28% urticaria, 25% anaphylaxis, 25% other symptoms) and positive skin tests for lipid transfer proteins (LTP), allergen sensitisation profiles were established using Allergy Explorer ALEX. In this study, patients showed good clinical correlation (history and prick test) with the results. A single diagnostic test with a panel of 290 allergens (120 allergen extracts and 170 molecular allergens). Pru p 3 and Mal d 2 were most commonly recognised by patients. In this study, the clinical manifestations correlated with the results of the ALEX test.

Sensitisation profiles of house dust mite allergic patients

In a cohort of 50 house dust mite allergic patients with clinical symptoms (98% rhinitis, 2% asthma, 52% rhinitis and asthma), a comprehensive sensitisation profile was established using Allergy Explorer ALEX. Sensitisation to Der p 1/Der p 2 and Der f 1/Der f 2 were measured most frequently (76%-86%). Interestingly, IgE reactivities against Der p 21, Der p 5 and Der p 23 were also detected in 50% of the allergic patients. A positive correlation between Der p 10, Der p 20 and Blo t 5 sensitisations was described.

Good luck for the future!