MADx successfully represented at EAACI 2021 in Krakow

ALEX is already well established - results were presented on 16 posters

Due to the extensive possibilities such as screening of patient groups, gaining new insights into cross-reactivity and sensitisation patterns, etc., ALEX is already being used for research purposes worldwide. This was clearly demonstrated by the results of ALEX analyses presented in national as well as international abstracts for electronic poster presentations at EAACI 2021.

Here is an overview with the links:

1) Multinational study of sensitization patterns to parvalbumins from ten fish species for next-generation molecular allergy diagnosis (Kalic T, Kuehn A, Aumayr M, Bindslev-Jensen C, Forstenlechner P, Üzülmez Ö, Hemmer W, Leung A, Leung N, Lifanov Y, Bartra J, Domínguez O, Pascal M, Sorensen M, Wong G, Hafner C, Breiteneder H)

2) Case of acute allergic reaction to sunflower seeds in a 4-years old boy (Sharikadze Olena; Zubchenko Svitlana; Yuriev Serhii)

3) Molecular profile of sensitization to house dust mite allergens in children with allergic rhinitis (Moskovenko Elena; Marushko Yuriy; Halushko Bohdan)

4) Profile of year-round sensitization in school-age children with bronchial asthma (Marushko Yuriy; Moskovenko Elena; Yuriev Serhii; Halsuhko Bohdan)

5) Prevalence of sensitization to recombinant cat allergens in schoolchildren (Kryvopustova Mariia; Volosovets Oleksandr; Yuriev Serhii; Moskovenko Olena)

6) Molecular profile of sensitization of school-age children with allegic rhinitis and sensitization to mold and house dust mite allergens (Moskovenko Elena; Marushko Yuriy; Hyshchak Tatiana; Halushko Bohdan)

7) Prevalence of sensitization to house dust mite allergens in adults (Yuriev Serhii Dmitrievich)

8) Comparison of LTP’s sensitization profiles according to two component resolved diagnosis in vitro test

9) Atopy and multisensitizations in patients with severe asthma (Romantowski Jan; Moszkowska Grazyna; Niedoszytko Marek)

10) Flax seed allergy due to storage proteins

11) Sensitivity of the Allergy Explorer version 1 and 2 for the diagnosis of the five most common inhalant allergens in Austria (Koch Lukas; Laipold Karin; Arzt-Gradwohl Lisa; Cerpes Urban; Sturm Eva Maria; Sturm Gunter Josef)

12) Sensitization to ragweed and comorbidities in seasonal allergic rhinitis patients in Ukraine (Dubuske L.; Kurchenko A.; Tsaryk V.)

13) Characterization of peach allergy patients and molecular sensitization profile with ALEX microarray (Silva Maria Inês; Brás Rita; Paulino Marisa; Costa Célia; Cabral Duarte Fátima; Pedro Elisa; Pereira-Santos Maria Conceiçãob)

14) Peculiarities of sensitization to molecular components of house dust mite in children of different ages with respiratory allergic diseases (Kasianenko Hanna V.; Goncharuk Serhii F.; Yarova Halyna I.)

15) Molecular sensitization profile to grass and olive pollens in Portugal (Cosme J.; Spínola-Santos A.; Pedro E.; Pereira-Santos M.C.; Lopes A.; Caiado J.; Paulino M.; Tomás E.; Farinha S.; Matos E.; Pinela A.; Jacinto H.; São-Braz M.A.; Ribeiro F.; Paes M.J.; Santos N.; Rodrigues-Carvalho S.; Duarte-Ferreira R.; Todo-Bom A.; Regateiro F.; Botelho-Alves P.; Môrete A.; Falcão H.; Cunha L.; Falcão I.; Neves E.; Plácido J.L.; Silva D.; Vasconcelos M.J.; Silva R., Abreu C.; Ferreira-Horta A.; Martins S.; Lozoya-Ibáñez C.; Paulos-Viegas L; Morais-Silva P.; Nogueira C.; Costa-Viana J.; Borrego L.M.; Cruz C.; Piedade S.; Forstenlechner P.; Aumayr M.; Pineda F.)

16) Mite molecular recognition profiles among different severity stages of atopic dermatitis (González Pérez Ruperto; Poza Guedes Paloma; Pineda Fernando; Aumayr Martina; Castillo Miriam; Forstenlechner Peter; Sánchez Machín Inmaculada)